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Accepted or Published

Anti, Sebastian, and Zihui Zhang*. 2023. “Roads, Women’s Employment, and Gender Equity: Evidence from Cambodia.” World Development 171: 106361.


Anti, Sebastian, and Pamela Smith. 2022. “Intellectual Property Rights and Economic Development: An Application of the Synthetic Control Method.” The World Economy 45 (12): 3873 – 3906.


Anti, Sebastian. 2022. “Investment Treaties, Local Institutions and Policies in the Global Land Rush.” World Bank Economic Review 36 (3): 559 – 582.


Anti, Sebastian. 2021. “Land Grabs and Labor in Cambodia.” Journal of Development Economics 149: 102616.

In Revision, Under Review, or Submitted


“Hungry Hosts? Refugee Camps and Host Community Nutritional Outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa” (with Colette Salemi) – Submitted


In Progress


“Can Land Policy Affect Human Health? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Cambodia” (with Ian Luby) – Submitted


“Where are the Refugees? An Introduction to the African Refugee Dataset (ARD)” (With Colette Salemi and Kaitlyn Wilson) – Working Paper Available


“Labor Market Effects of Hosting Refugees in Sub-Saharan Africa” (with Colette Salemi)

“Firewood and Deforestation: A Study of the Clean Cookstove Sector and the Effect of Clean Cookstoves on Forests” (With Colette Salemi and Abubakr Ayesh)

“A Case of the Jitters: Bias and Correction for Masked Geo-Coordinates in Household Microdata” (with Marc Bellemare, Colette Salemi, and Jonathon Rigberg*)

“Racial Discrimination in K-12 School Bonds: A Critical Quantitative Study” (With David Backer and Eleni Schirmer)

* Denotes undergraduate student

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