Land Policy and Development

​In 1996 the Government of Cambodia initiated a policy of allocating 65 percent of its arable land to private companies for agricultural development. I examine how this changed rural economic activity, migration, and household spending using newly geocoded data from the Cambodia Socioeconomic Surveys. 

Economic Effects of Refugees in Africa

Despite the wide publication of refugee locations across sub-Saharan Africa by the UN High Commissioner on Refugees, there has been no harmonized geolocated dataset of refugee camps over time in the region and no large-scale analysis of the effects on host communities. This project fills this gap by constructing this data with the new African Refugee Dataset (ARD) and using it to analyze nutrition and labor effects.

This is a collaboration with Colette Salemi.

Resource use and Human Health
“Land Investment, Deforestation, and Effects on Human Health” 
“The Nature of Genocide: Tracing Long Causal Chains of the Khmer Rouge” 

Few projects examine the linkages between war and violence, resource policy, and individual economic outcomes over long periods of time. This project measures these relationships since the Cambodian genocide. 

This is a collaboration with Ian Luby.